Greg Henderson for Little Rock Mayor

First, and more than anything, it is a decision I make as a parent. I understand that our ability to change any aspect of the city today is very narrow, but when we look 15-30 years down the road it is full of opportunity. I am running because I want to work to make sure the Little Rock enjoyed by my kids, and other kids growing up in the city, is better than what we have now.


Secondly, I am running as a small business advocate. I’ve spent my career helping to make small, locally owned businesses stronger, ready for growth, and competitive against national chains. I do that because locally owned places are the heartbeat of any successful city and region. We have to create policies that help them succeed and grow. We also have to find ways to grow economically that is beneficial for all of Little Rock and doesn’t further divide the city.


Finally, I am doing this as a lifelong citizen of the Little Rock area and a neighbor to 200,000 other people that share this common connection. I believe that the only way we thrive is if we work on building up all of us collectively. I believe that means listening to people who don’t agree with you, collaborating with people that have a different view of the world, and understanding that our collective power as a city is far better when we make decisions with open ears and an open mind.


Join me so we can move Little Rock Forward, Together



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