Vision for Little Rock’s Future

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Believe in Little Rock

A strong city needs a strong vision. My goal is to build policies around these three principles that will help move Little Rock into the future.

As city director I want to focus on a forward thinking economy, bottom up economy, with Stronger Support for Small Businesses, I want to take a Compassionate Approach to our Citizens Experiencing Homelessness, I want to be a leader in our fight for Local Control of our Schools, and I want to work with others to Build Coalitions to give all people a voice in government.

I have a three step plan to address these issues, and all issues that Little Rock faces.

Strong leadership in Little Rock cannot exist without engaging with citizens and business leaders, then encouraging them to further engage in the community around them.

Little Rock is full of amazing individuals, organizations, and groups. Sometimes the best role of the city is identifying when someone else can do a job better and giving them the tools, resources, and support they need to do help the city.

Little Rock once was a city where people around the state and region wanted to be. We have to build a unified vision that attracts talent, retains our best people, and serves once again as a bright spot for the state.