What should I do?

So I am going to take a break in the middle of my communicating better series to discuss something a little more timely. This unlike most of my other post is from the heart, not the head.

Nike this week, in time with the start of the NBA season, released a new commercial titled “Rise”. This features Lebron James talking about what people expect of him. Here just watch it:

Lebron ask what should I do, should I be what you want me to be?

I struggle with this. I talk a lot about personal branding which is essentially figuring out what should I do. Do I listen to what my friends tell me I am? Do I listen to my business partners tell me what they would like for me to do? Do I listen to others tell me my ideas are too revolutionary that I should give it up? Should I stop blogging due to the people who do not listen or keep doing it for the handful of people who do? Do I listen to people who say I am mediocre of the ones who have told me I can be great? What should I do?

A part of me wants to say that I should do what I want to do. But I know that is not actually possible. Our perception of who we are and what we should do is tied so deeply in the people around us that it is impossible to separate the two. Yet, I am at a crossroad in life and I need direction not contradiction. What should I do?

I am not satisfied with watching the flaws of the world around me. Every ounce of my body sees the problems and wants to explore ways to fix it. I am not sure people want to listen though. I will never be satisfied doing bad work though just because it is the only way that our narrow vision can see how to do it, there is something better. I can do better and we can do better. Together we can work to fix the problems with the business world or we can sit back as idle spectators and watch our world slowly crumble like the statues of ancient Rome. What should we do?

So do I take the leap I want to take, not knowing if I am jumping to a higher ledge or falling into a pit? If I did would my friends call me crazy, my business partners call me stupid and others ignore me. Or like the dust can we all rise up together to make this little city a better place? Maybe the state will move with it? Maybe we collectively can make something that impacts a nation? Or maybe we just make ourselves and our businesses a little bit better, but isn’t that still worth it?

What should I do? (feel free to comment)

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