What happens when we take the time to communicate better?

orangutans communicatingI’ve been a marketer for about 10 years now. I make it a point to work every day in some way to enhance my marketing skill and knowledge. The fact is that most of us who are successful constantly work on our skills to enhance them and make them better.

But how long have you been communicating with others? For me it is 27 years. Communicating is the one thing I do most frequent. When I market I communicate; when I sale I communicate; when I apply for a job, sit in a meeting, eat dinner with my wife, or have drinks with friends I communicate. It represents 100% of my interactions with others. Even when I am alone by myself I find ways to communicate.

We are more connected than ever before, our communication channels are seemingly endless. Yet how often do we work on our communication skill? If this is something that impacts almost everything we do shouldn’t we spend most of our skill development on communicating better?

If we take the time to communicate better then naturally we can have better relationships with the people around us. Having better relationships means doing everything we do better. Over the next week or at least until I run out of things to write about I want to explore what it means to communicate better. Feel free to let me know if there is something specific you would like me to explore.

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