The most important branding: You®

Embrace the “You”

As marketers and creative type we are all pretty good at making a product or company look good. Sometimes in the middle of all this we forget about our most important product. Ourselves

At one point I thought I did a fairly good job at this. I focused on it daily and things clicked. Recently I found myself frustrated. The business side of me was struggling. Moves I wanted to make closed in front of me and I felt beat up and kicked around. I was slowly growing out of touch with friends and family.

“You” rebranded

In marketing sometimes we have to rebrand our product or organization to better align with reality (or cover up problems). What I realized was the me that I was branding was no longer in line with who I really was. I was presenting something that was not the direction I was going. I had worked so hard previously to get somewhere and I didn’t adjust for the reality that I was there and needed to better show who I am and where I am going now.


So I did some soul (re)searching. Just like researching new markets and building messages sometimes in order to brand yourself you need to research who you are. Think about it, meditate about it and probe the people close to you.

Take the time to develop and redevelop your personal brand. You will thank me later.

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