Vote Greg Henderson for Little Rock

I grew up in Central Arkansas and know Little Rock’s past and what it can be if we all work together.

I serve as president of the Downtown Neighborhood association and am a liaison between residents and city officials where I work to resolve issues in the city. I know how to get things done in the city by building coalitions between citizens and government.

In my day job, I work with locally owned small businesses, cities, and non-profits to help drive revenue and growth. I also own and manage Rock City Eats, a local publication focused on the restaurant industry across the state. Through that, I’ve helped drive culinary tourism in Little Rock and other parts of the state. I’ve worked all across the state to build the small business industry in communities.

I am married with 2 children and live in the Governor’s Mansion District of Downtown Little Rock.

Building Little Rock for the Next Generation

Little Rock is a different city than it was 30 years ago. The city needs to continue to look for new ideas and continue to work toward growth and prosperity. I believe in this city, and that together we can grow and evolve into a great city. To get there we need fresh ideas and a willingness to work with those around us to get them done.

I want to fight for renter’s rights to a habitable space. I want to work to establish a baseline rental rights initiative through a combination of adjustments to city code, ordinances, and lobbying to the state for new legislation.

I believe that being in leadership means putting the people who need help the most, first. One of the things that I want to do as a City Director is to work on a comprehensive plan to address our citizens facing homelessness in the city.

Local Business
As city director I want to continue to help our local businesses by adjusting zoning to give them more opportunities to sell, making outside dining initiatives permanent, streamlining the permit process, and looking for ways the city can partner to support small businesses even more through promotion and buying.

Quality of Life
As City Director I want to approach the quality of life as a part of long term city planning to make sure the pieces we build today connect with those of tomorrow. I will work on a master plan connecting trails across the city into parks and new planning districts, and then safeguarding our city’s parks and recreation from commercial interest, keeping them free for everyone to enjoy.

City Planning
As City Director I will continue to fight against projects like the I-30 expansion, I will work to make trails a part of our city master plan, and I will look at outdated building codes that hurt growth.

As City Director I want to work to regain full control from the state board of education and work with our Little Rock school board to make sure that their needs are met so that they can build a strong education system for our kids.

Safety for Firefighters
As city director I want to work to ensure firefighters have access to a second set of gear, making it safer for them to clean and sanitize equipment. I will also work to ensure cancer screening options to help early detection on the leading cause of death among fire personnel.

Community Focused Police
We have many great officers in LRPD that do good work, but they are often faced with an uphill task of solving crime in our city. As city director I want to grow our community initiatives and other projects that help lower crime rates long term to help our police force move beyond just enforcement activities. I also want to make training in social work and mental health not only a part of initial officer training, but a part of continuing education for all officers in the field so that they can better respond to the needs of citizens.