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I have a good friend who I have been trying to talk into starting a blog for several months now. She has an infectious passion about reviving the culture of downtown. We frequently meet for lunch and have wonderful conversations about what this city could be if we all cared a little more. I think others would love to hear about it as well.

The truth is that most of us have a passion like this. When we share that passion amazing and rich discussions flow when we share it with others. Our very best communication happens when we share ideas we really care about. This passion might be networks, baking cookies, raising a kid, writing, daily life or communicating better (a few of the blogs I keep up with). Mine is trying to build better relationships through marketing, communications and business.

Whatever your passion tell people about it. People write amazing things when they are passionate. When you spread that passion you are able to explore it further than you ever thought possible. Often times you find other people who share your passion and you develop strong friendships as a result.

Some people worry that it takes too much time. You don’t have to write every day. Write every other day, once a week, or once a month if that is all you have. Find what works for you and try it. My guess is once you start sharing your passion you will want to do it more. If not that is ok, no one is going to fault you for having a dormant blog.

My tip for writing about passion though is to do it in the moment. Don’t lose the thought that inspires your passion, capture it and revisit it later. Moments usually do not come in front of a computer. I carry a moleskine with me everywhere and often write thoughts or whole post when they come. Then I will reorganize the thoughts and blog about it when I have time.

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  • Keith

    I love the advice you shared in the final paragraph. That moment that something “sticks” is the moment to capture it.

    The most dangerous advice I ever heard was find your passion, do it for a living. I think sooner or later if we nurture our passion we begin to find our voice. That voice can lead you down an amazing path.

    Think. Write. Learn… repeat.

    Thanks for the link sir.

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