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The problem with being good enough

I’ve worked closely with a lot of companies over the years. Often I hear them expressing the desire to just make the work good enough. People feel there is too much to do to reach perfection on any one project.

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Changing the conversation, not the channel

In my 10 or so years in marketing and communications the one principle that I have lived by above all is “if you do not like what people are saying, change the conversation”. Naturally our instinct is to change the

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Understanding modern buyer flow

Every morning when I wake up I immediately turn over and look at my phone for any emails that came in over the night. Without fail I typically have 5-6 emails from various brands and companies who send me an

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Co-creating business

I am currently working on a larger paper trying to bridge the gap between interpersonal communications and business communications. My main stance is that if businesses treat all communication like interpersonal communication we can build better and more positive relationships.

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The Mesh Model

So if you have been following this week I’ve discussed the new problem in business plaguing creative employees. As a result of this new problem creative employees are creating a new business paradigm by forgoing traditional employment and focusing more

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The New Paradigm

Yesterday I introduced what I see as the problem plaguing creative employees. I’ll admit the reality of it is a little dire. As a lover of history I’ve seen that whenever any situation arises that causes power to shift disproportionally

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The Problem

So apparently I failed miserably at Barcamp Jonesboro by not making it. Truth is I said all along my making it was contingent on a handful of factors, but none the less I failed. I can assure all of you

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I was thinking back the other day to when I graduated college. The president and I had become good friends at the time and it was special for him as well because it would be his last graduation ceremony as

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I can’t shake the overwhelming feeling that there is something wrong with business today. Grant it I have been reading books like Linchpin and Rework, but they have been confirming my thoughts rather than introducing radical new concepts. The amount

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The Future of Work

Last week another example of how quickly and collaboratively ideas move thanks to the power of social networking, I unexpectedly found myself in the process of starting up a co-working location for Little Rock. To me this concept reflects where

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