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Changing the conversation, not the channel

In my 10 or so years in marketing and communications the one principle that I have lived by above all is “if you do not like what people are saying, change the conversation”. Naturally our instinct is to change the

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Does social media make us more connected?

If you ever read this blog you know that I am a bit fascinated with a phenomenon known as Dunbar’s number, developed by Robin Dunbar. Again, for about the 20th time here, Dunbar’s number represents the maximum number of personal

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The local paper problem

Someone told me once that it might be a bad idea as a communications professional to talk bad about the primary newspaper in the state. I apparently didn’t listen. It is not fair of me however to put them down

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Co-creating business

I am currently working on a larger paper trying to bridge the gap between interpersonal communications and business communications. My main stance is that if businesses treat all communication like interpersonal communication we can build better and more positive relationships.

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Practicing Better Communication

This is the 3rd post in the communicating better series, and we are getting close to the end. I’ll wrap this series up next week so if you have any suggestions please let me know. So here is something you

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What we create when we communicate

Sorry for the long delay. This is the second in the communicating better series. Last time I looked at ethics in communications. As always feel free to drop comments here, on twitter or verbally and I can assure you it

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Communicating Ethically

This is the first of my communicating better series. As always if there is anything you would like to add, hear me talk about or disagree with feel free to add it to the comments. We hear a lot about

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What happens when we take the time to communicate better?

If communication is something that impacts almost everything we do shouldn’t we spend most of our skill development on communicating better?

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Communicating Passion


Most of us have a passion like this. When we share that passion amazing and rich discussions flow when we share it with others. Our very best communication happens when we share ideas we really care about. This passion might be networks, baking cookies, raising a kid, writing, daily life or communicating better (a few of the blogs I keep up with). Mine is trying to build better relationships through marketing, communications and business.

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