Coalitions to Give All People a Voice in Government

“… Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth” – Abraham Lincoln

City Director, like any elected position in this country, is a representative democracy. Too often, including over the past several years in Ward 1, elected officials govern from their own ideas and beliefs instead of taking the collective ideas of their constituents to inform decision making.

As City Director, I want to build coalitions with community leaders around key issues to drive decision making. Further on the biggest issues, I want to constantly stand for the desire of the community by actively listening, responding, and acknowledging opinions other than my own to drive our community’s stance on key issues.

I believe the collective brain power of a room of conflicting ideas and different backgrounds is greater than that of any one individual. It is a style of leadership I try to work with as a business person, and it is the style of leadership I intend to implement as a city director.

Coalitions around issues

As City Director I want to build coalitions of community leaders around key issues the city is facing to meet and stay in constant communication with to help shape our Ward’s position on issues facing the city. Ideally, this will people with different ideas, life experiences, and circumstances to provide a snapshot of ideas represented within the ward to help form the best possible opinion, not just the loudest.

Empowering Neighborhood Associations

Neighborhood associations provide the heartbeat of an area. I want to leverage neighborhood associations to capture the voice of their residents in ways that are impossible for any one person. I want to do what I can to strengthen those associations, increasing the membership and the role they play in the community. I want to empower them to take an active role in crime prevention, community awareness, and developing a sense of neighborhood pride.

Leveraging technology for communication and city government transparency

Using technology through email, text, and social media is the fastest way to send and receive information, coordinate a response to an issue, and effectively reach the most people possible. Along with coalitions and neighborhood associations, I want to leverage technology options for a strong, ongoing, two-way communication between myself and residents of Ward 1. I will leverage my expertise in these areas to develop clear communications channels for various city issues, and use it as a listening platform to become aware of emerging issues so that I can react as quickly as possible, and be proactive before things become a bigger problem.

Secondly, I am going to use my background in building digital publications to increase overall transparency within the city government, creating communication channels to help people become better aware of the issues and decisions that are happening in city hall.

Continuing the strong positions of my opponents

We are lucky to have a strong group of candidates running for this city director position as well as an incumbent who has worked the area for over a decade. Each of my opponents brings unique ideas and experiences to the table along with an obvious desire to see the community become better.

I’ve made it a campaign point to capture the best of these ideas and work together to implement critical issues that have come up to all candidates. As city director, I want to empower opponents with good ideas to continue the work they started after the election. I have been the only candidate to make a campaign promise to ensure the voice of my opponents is heard after the election instead of allowing election progress and critical promises to go unfulfilled.