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The Mesh Model

So if you have been following this week I’ve discussed the new problem in business plaguing creative employees. As a result of this new problem creative employees are creating a new business paradigm by forgoing traditional employment and focusing more

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The New Paradigm

Yesterday I introduced what I see as the problem plaguing creative employees. I’ll admit the reality of it is a little dire. As a lover of history I’ve seen that whenever any situation arises that causes power to shift disproportionally

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The Problem

So apparently I failed miserably at Barcamp Jonesboro by not making it. Truth is I said all along my making it was contingent on a handful of factors, but none the less I failed. I can assure all of you

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I was thinking back the other day to when I graduated college. The president and I had become good friends at the time and it was special for him as well because it would be his last graduation ceremony as

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Welcome Changes

I have been intending to change over this site for some time now. Previously I had the blog portion of the site running on tumblr and the rest hand coded on a different server. I have seen over the past

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I can’t shake the overwhelming feeling that there is something wrong with business today. Grant it I have been reading books like Linchpin and Rework, but they have been confirming my thoughts rather than introducing radical new concepts. The amount

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The Future of Work

Last week another example of how quickly and collaboratively ideas move thanks to the power of social networking, I unexpectedly found myself in the process of starting up a co-working location for Little Rock. To me this concept reflects where

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Practicing Social Media

Several years ago I had a good conversation with a friend going into medical school and I asked him a question that had always made me curious: “Why do doctors call it practicing medicine?” The answer has stuck with me

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