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Social media hates you

I like to pick up a few social media consulting gigs from time to time. I do this less for the money and more for the challenge of looking at another business situation and analyzing how they can create better

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Co-creating business

I am currently working on a larger paper trying to bridge the gap between interpersonal communications and business communications. My main stance is that if businesses treat all communication like interpersonal communication we can build better and more positive relationships.

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Practicing Better Communication

This is the 3rd post in the communicating better series, and we are getting close to the end. I’ll wrap this series up next week so if you have any suggestions please let me know. So here is something you

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What should I do?

So I am going to take a break in the middle of my communicating better series to discuss something a little more timely. This unlike most of my other post is from the heart, not the head. Nike this week,

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What we create when we communicate

Sorry for the long delay. This is the second in the communicating better series. Last time I looked at ethics in communications. As always feel free to drop comments here, on twitter or verbally and I can assure you it

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Communicating Ethically

This is the first of my communicating better series. As always if there is anything you would like to add, hear me talk about or disagree with feel free to add it to the comments. We hear a lot about

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What happens when we take the time to communicate better?

If communication is something that impacts almost everything we do shouldn’t we spend most of our skill development on communicating better?

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Communicating Passion


Most of us have a passion like this. When we share that passion amazing and rich discussions flow when we share it with others. Our very best communication happens when we share ideas we really care about. This passion might be networks, baking cookies, raising a kid, writing, daily life or communicating better (a few of the blogs I keep up with). Mine is trying to build better relationships through marketing, communications and business.

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The Social Bubble

A lot of people (for whatever reason) have asked me lately where I think social media is heading, or what I think the next big thing in social media is. Honestly most of the time I give them a pretty

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The most important branding: You®

Embrace the “You” As marketers and creative type we are all pretty good at making a product or company look good. Sometimes in the middle of all this we forget about our most important product. Ourselves At one point I

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