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The problem with being good enough

I’ve worked closely with a lot of companies over the years. Often I hear them expressing the desire to just make the work good enough. People feel there is too much to do to reach perfection on any one project.

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Changing the conversation, not the channel

In my 10 or so years in marketing and communications the one principle that I have lived by above all is “if you do not like what people are saying, change the conversation”. Naturally our instinct is to change the

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Understanding modern buyer flow

Every morning when I wake up I immediately turn over and look at my phone for any emails that came in over the night. Without fail I typically have 5-6 emails from various brands and companies who send me an

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How relationship based marketing works

I have talked many times here about my relationship based marketing approach. Somehow my career has always consisted of B2B marketing. In this world relationships matter a lot. Not that they don’t matter in consumer marketing, but with a target

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Thoughts on American Innovation

Typically in this space I try to focus on marketing and communication related topics. There are a number of other things that make up my day I leave out. For instance I frequently joke that I probably know more about

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Why relationships matter most in marketing

For a couple of years now I’ve been promoting what I call relational marketing. If you have never read this blog, essentially I take the approach of building and maintaining positive personal relationships with customers in non-direct sales type of

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Does social media make us more connected?

If you ever read this blog you know that I am a bit fascinated with a phenomenon known as Dunbar’s number, developed by Robin Dunbar. Again, for about the 20th time here, Dunbar’s number represents the maximum number of personal

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Revolution 2.0

Recently the Egyptian revolutions have caused a lot of people to question what impact social media has in modern uprisings. Does it have the power to pull together and motivate like-minded people or are we reading too much into the

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My Personal Strategy: Relational Marketing

Recently I was asked to describe my marketing philosophy and strategy. I decided instead of only responding to that person I would share here as well. I have spent the past 10 years of my life as a marketer. In

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The local paper problem

Someone told me once that it might be a bad idea as a communications professional to talk bad about the primary newspaper in the state. I apparently didn’t listen. It is not fair of me however to put them down

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