Little Rock is a different city than it was 30 years ago. The city needs to continue to look for new ideas and continue to work toward growth and prosperity. That is why I am running for City Director in position 10. I believe in this city, and that together we can grow and evolve into a great city. To get there we need fresh ideas and a willingness to work with those around us to get them done.

About Greg

Greg grew up in Central Arkansas and has been a resident of Little Rock for the past 15 years. He is married with 2 kids and lives in the Governor’s Mansion District of Downtown Little Rock.

For the past two years Greg has served and president of the Downtown Neighborhood association where he frequently serves as a liaison between residents and city officials and works to resolve issues in the city. Through the position, Greg has worked hand in hand with the police department, fire department, mayor, other city directors, and a host of city boards and commissions to resolve issues and meet the needs of citizens.

In his day job, Greg works with locally owned small businesses to help drive revenue and growth. He also owns and manages Rock City Eats, a local publication focused on the restaurant industry across the state. Through that, he helps drive culinary tourism in Little Rock and other parts of the state.

Greg is a graduate of Ouachita Baptist University with a BA in Political Science and completed the coursework for a Masters in Applied Communication from UALR.



Building the future of Little Rock has to start with those with securing the most basic needs. This starts with making sure ALL citizens in Little Rock can have safe and secure places to sleep at night.

As City Director I want to fight for renter’s rights to a habitable space. Arkansas as a whole ranks last nationally in renters rights. Landlords are not required to even provide a habitable structure, can evict without cause, and have no requirements to maintain the property. I want to work to establish a baseline rental rights initiative through a combination of adjustments to city code, ordinances, and lobbying to the state for new legislation.


I believe that being in leadership means putting the people who need help the most, first. One of the things that I want to do as a City Director is to work on a comprehensive plan to address our citizens facing homelessness in the city.
The key part is, that it has to be comprehensive. We have to look at everything from the factors contributing to homelessness to how we help supporting people overcoming homelessness and everything in between.
Thankfully we have great resources in the city. Unfortunately, we pit each of these groups against each other to battle for limited resources. As City Director I want to work on an overarching plan about how they can all work together to support the common mission of helping our citizens experiencing the greatest need.

Quality of Life

Quality of life in Little Rock is essential to attracting new residents and retaining the great ones we already have. Little Rock has fallen behind the Northwest Arkansas sector in this regard, and every year we lose many talented citizens due to a haphazard approach at ensuring a strong quality of life.

As City Director I want to approach the quality of life as a part of long term city planning to make sure the pieces we build today connect with those of tomorrow. That means connecting trails across the city into parks and new planning districts. It means creating a master plan for how our various long term development efforts fit together. Finally, it means safeguarding our city’s parks and recreation from commercial interest, keeping them free for everyone to enjoy.

City Planning


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